Antonio Giuliani DN-6 (Clear) Steel-String Acoustic Rosewood Guitar with Carrying Case, Strap, Picks, D’Addario Strings… Price: $539.88 (as of 04/02/2023 02:13 PST- Details)

[HIGHEST QUALITY CLEARANCE] The following instrument is listed on clearance due to a slight cosmetic defect that does not affect playability or sound in any way. Ranked at #1 for customer service, we are proud to offer our Antonio Giuliani DN-6 acoustic guitar included with a case, accessories as the highest-rated steel-stringed instrument!
[THE COMPLETE OUTFIT] Your guitar bundle purchase fully includes your Giuliani guitar, cleaning cloth, nylon strap, KV guitar picks, installed high-quality steel strings, and an extra set of Portland strings.
[ASSEMBLED AND READY TO PLAY] We make sure you are ready to play your new rosewood guitar by assembling and setting up the instrument for you. Final setup and assembly is performed by our professional luthiers right here in the US, Washington State.