Donner 30 Inch Electric Guitar Beginner Kit for Kids TL Style Mini TC Electric Guitar Junior Starter Package Sunburst… Price: $139.99 (as of 06/12/2022 12:37 PST- Details)

Suitable for Multiple Situations-For beginners, small learners, performance, and traveling. With the new mini electric guitar series from Donner, the classic T-Style guitar has been modified to fit the needs of smaller learners like juniors. Donner mini electric guitar reduces muscle pressure, easier to play with, reducing the physical burden on smaller learners. So whether executing barre chord fingerings or a pick sweep, the learner will be at ease.
Comfortable Fitting-The junior electric guitar’s ergonomic design protects teens’ skin from damage caused by long-term friction against the inner forearm. The smaller body fits under a youth’s arm while the matter lacquer surface helps reduce friction allowing small learners to play all day without discomfort.
Miniature Size with Maximum Sound-Donner mini electric guitar is with a sound as full as normal-sized electric guitar, the classic humbucking pickup of the T-Style guitar comes complete with volume control, tone knob, and locking tuners that keep it in tune. It’s suitable for styles as explosive as metal or as fresh as folk. When the beginnner takes the stage, the Donner kid electric guitar will help them shine!