Donner 30 Inch Electric Guitar with Donner Wood Guitar Stand Price: $159.58 (as of 06/12/2022 12:37 PST- Details)

[Built for Junior with Rock and Roll Dreams] Standard electric guitars are too bulky for teens under the age of 10, hindering their learning process. It’s no surprise they often give up halfway. With the new mini electric guitar series, Donner has modified the classic S-Style guitar to fit the needs of smaller learners. The miniature size is easier to play and weighs only 5.97 LB, reducing the physical burden and making it easier to play.
[Designed for Small Learners] The junior electric guitar series was designed with smaller learners in mind and is suitable for the body size and hand shape of most teens. The smaller size reduces the muscle pressure caused by playing and puts the small learner at ease. So whether executing barre chord fingerings or a pick sweep, the learner will be at ease.
[Protect Learner Skin with the Proper Fit] The mini electric guitar’s ergonomic design protects teens’ skin from damage caused by long-term friction against the inner forearm. The smaller body fits under a teen’s arm while the matter lacquer surface helps reduce friction allowing beginners to play all day without discomfort.