Guild Guitars BT-258E Deluxe 8-String Baritone Acoustic-Electric Jumbo Guitar, Down-Tuned 5 Steps to B-E-a-A-d-D-F#-B… Price: $651.09 (as of 06/02/2023 01:13 PST- Details)

The BT-258E Deluxe 8-string Baritone offers a melodic layering of low-end harmony for enchanting , harp like sound.
Combining Guild’s historically large jumbo body shape and their legacy of pressed back construction, the BT-258E Deluxe boasts a deep, full-frequency baritone voice complemented by two octave strings for added sparkle.
The arched rosewood back projects whole low-frequencies, while the solid spruce top ensures the high-frequency octave strings blend in gorgeously for a symphonic tone. The low end is great for playing in an ensemble or for playing standalone.