Guild Guitars D-2612CE Deluxe ATB 12-string Acoustic Guitar, Antique Burst, Archback Deluxe, Solid Top, Dreadnought… Price: $581.33 (as of 05/02/2023 01:13 PST- Details)

Add a little something extra to your 12-string with the D-2612CE Deluxe! This dreadnought guitar is a powerhouse of a 12-string, featuring a solid spruce top with a stunning arched striped ebony back and striped ebony sides
This unique tonewood gives the D-2612CE Deluxe a clear, powerful voice with a pronounced bass response while a gloss finish highlights its unique striping pattern
The D-2612CE Deluxe’s twelve strings, combined with its arched back, give this guitar unparalleled projection and sustain—a welcome addition to Guild’s legacy of quality 12-string instruments