Ibanez AZ Prestige 6-String Electric Guitar (Right Hand, Prussian Blue Metallic)

Amazon.com Price: $1,999.99 (as of 29/01/2023 21:43 PST- Details)

5 Tremolo Springs: Five tremolo springs allow string vibration to be more efficiently transferred to the guitar body
Non-Recessed Bridge Cavity: While the AZ series features a recessed bridge cavity for fluid and dynamic tremolo action, this model has a non-recessed bridge cavity. The direct contact between the bridge plate and the guitar body provides the better resonance and helps facilitate subtle nuances in playing dynamics
Dyna-MIX 9 Switching System with Alter Switch: Dyna-MIX 9 offers nine sound variations, and can easily switch between humbucker and singlecoil modes with just the mini switch. One mode is even able to simulate a humbucker sound from the combination of the 2 singlecoil pickups